Director of Hygiene

Fabi Plasse

Fabi Plasse is one of Bedi Dental Group’s “originals.” Before the company was officially formed, she joined as a Dental Assistant in 2005. She became a Dental Assistant in 1998. Her passion for dentistry and helping people motivated her to go back to school and become a dental hygienist. After earning her Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene in 2010 Fabi’s involvement and dedication to Bedi Dental Group and the hygiene department continued to deepen and she became instrumental in the development and growth of BDG’s hygiene department. She began her dental hygiene journey at Central New England Dental and then moved on to all Bedi Dental Group’s offices.

In her role as the Dental hygiene director, she supports the hygienists, doctors, and practice managers in providing the most excellent care for our patients.

Fabi is a true reflection of BDG’s core values of hard-working, humility and honesty and an essential member of our leadership team. Fabi also uses these qualities in her family life where she is a devoted wife and mother to her son. When she is not at work or with her family, Fabi and her husband spend time in their business of Fabulous Spaces Dental Office Organization and Design. She always manages to do what is right and have time to manage so much!